We’re taking part in via each Hero in HotS from A to Z. In as we speak’s episode we’re taking part in as Dehaka

Heroes of the Storm 2018 A – Z Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?record=PLnHeG0oJcJzDI5Q1x0cKs56pibjPKeesK

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a raucous on-line staff brawler starring your favourite Blizzard characters.

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  1. The Agility talent, in my opinion, is very good if the enemy team has only one tank and easy pick targets like valla, whitemane, jaina etcetera, because you can go straight to them, and while their tank is facing your team (possibly a second tank), you can get out of the fight an assassin or the healer; also, i use it in maps with more bushes, so i can run away if i have the Brushstalker on cooldown. The Tissue talent is good in situattion like in this video, with a lot of tanks, and you need to do as much dmg as possible with the Swarm, so I pick Hero stalker (to get essence from heroes, considering you are going in the middle of the enemy team quite often), the swarm cooldown reduction and I generally pick the Attack talent, so basically you get more essence in team fights, heal, get more essence, attack for 10% dmg per essence, and you fill that amount in no time and you can survive a lot.

  2. your auto attack build for dehaka with the tissue regen at 1 is actually one of his strongest builds right now, its even pretty common in pro play. another small note, try and save your brushstalks to join teamfights, and instead limp your way to lane. You would have missed maybe one minion bot at the start of the match but you would have bs ready to go for a gank or invade

  3. MFPT, I have followed you for ages but about a year ago left HOTS because a vast majority of my games ended up like some of these in the A-Z play series. I just got angry that 20ish minutes of what was supposed to be relaxing time for me was so easily ruined by inconsiderate people. I love keeping tabs on the game by watching your videos, but I vastly prefer the ones where you play with viewers. I recommend doing them all like this. For the newcomer it also shows them a better face for how the game should be played and enjoyed.

  4. Hey would you look at that, yet another Genji with poor positioning dying at the worst possible moment causing you to lose the game…feels just like Overwatch Genji mains that bitch about not being healed when they're balls deep into the enemy's backline alone versus 4 people.

  5. Ypu haven't said much about his history :/ and the game was really bad they just steamrolled you. Btw tissue regen is really good it also make auto atack build better coz you can have 60 esence which makes you atacks even stronger

  6. You definitely chose some bad abilites there. Should've took primal rage at 13 because the lvl 1 ability tissue regeneration goes really w it. Hero stalker also would've went really really well w/ symbiosis.

  7. Hey Pally, I noticed you're sick all the time and wanted to share a tip. Feel free to ignore it if you want 🙂 I used to have an annoying ass cold like 50% of my life, and got really fed up with it and started washing my hands religiously before eating or rubbing my eyes/nose, and using alcohol gel like 10x a day. Feel better, and maybe give it a try, I know how frustrating being sick constantly can be. Take care man!

  8. I legitimately believe that you should do these sub games all the time during this series. You seem to have more fun with them, and you're certainly not guaranteed to win. You do seem more chill during them, which also let's you get all the info you want out. Just my two cents.

  9. The mmr is rubbish lately ranked or qm. Mmr literally doesn't exist anymore it's just anyone in the lobby joins and spams it out. One team rolls and the other gets stomped, I've yet to play a balanced match. It's always against a random 5 stack team or we have triple support or they have triple tank or something pointless for game progression

  10. Hey Pally if you ever get a chance or want to, could you make a guide for noobs for this game? Im coming from games like Smite and league and not gonna lie….Im braindead when it comes to when and where to be during I guess the in between objectives. And I feel bad because theres like lvls 100-300+ dealin with my lvl 10ish self 😂

  11. One of the things I would smite from this earth is those games where you play against a LAN party of people who share a hive mind, traveling perfectly together, spacing stuns flawlessly, and focusing a target without any error. Seriously, how does such coordination happen in quick match?

  12. Hey pally, I would be more than happy to help out by accompanying you into some of your games while you do this series if you wanted. Help you win a bit more often, or at the least resist the enemy until lvl 20 so you can show everything off. I always find myself coaching my teams as well, and consider myself a good player. But really, I kinda just wanna meet and play with you. Respond to this comment if you think you might want to some time.

  13. This is my own original theory, if this theory already exists out there, it's purely coincidental.

    I think our next hero, or maybe the one after that.
    will NOT be from WoW, Diablo, SC or OW. It will be a Heroes of the Storm hero. I think it'll be the girl named Orphea from the comics
    Because of the ending of the last one it really leads me to believe the next hero to come out will be from Heroes of the Storm itself.

  14. Hey Pally, I'm sorry you're feeling shitty, just wanted to say that this is the first time I've been here for your A-Z playthrough and I'm really enjoying it. I can tell you put a lot of work into preparing for these videos and it's always good to hear your insight on a character. You're actually the reason I started playing Rexxar and he's already at level 20, so I guess my teammates have only you to blame.

    Keep up the good shit man


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