In immediately’s stream of the Heroes of the Storm, I’m discussing my positively not first impressions of Brightwing and theorycrafting completely different builds.

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  1. Now I wanna see a bright wing stealth there hole team near a tribute on cursed hollow. Every body stay still for the true stealth and just wait for some poor player to come thinking there going to ninja the tribute.

  2. i think she should have kept a slightly different "shield dust" talent at 13, it was 25 spell armor and 50 physical armor, so why not just let her have a 25 armor giving pixie dust talent with those in the same teir? 50 spell aromr is great 25% healing also (but it might not save a fleeing hero and you have to eather blink to them or folow them for the heal which pulls 2 heroes from a fight) movement speed is ok too and if the enemy has mostly auto attackers you could go 25 armor and that someone could maby live instead of hoping that your heal procks
    just my opinion

  3. Every single time I come to these theorycrafts, I think Pally will see the most powerful build as well as the fun side build, yet every single time I am proven wrong and he puts all focus on that side build and goes as far as to believe the busted talents aren't useful. Then again, I guess thats what that warning at the beginning is for… Still love these vids nonetheless, Pally!

  4. working the numbers backwards from the healing dummy, think the healing from the full combo at 38:40 is roughly 2k heals, 750 shields + 30% targets health. so Johanna has roughly 6k health, 30% = 1800 heals. 2k flat heal + 1.8k %health heal = the 4k heal Pally did at 43:20. basically a full heal on most heroes!!

  5. I think people are overlooking the mechanical benefits of stealth just because you can see it easily now. You can't click on a stealthed hero. So you don't just heal them, you also make them immune to auto attacks and point-and-click abilities. Suddenly Illidan can't dive/hunt you, Butcher can't charge you, you can't be polymorphed, and so on. Pretty strong disengage.

  6. 5:43 Nope, the AI in this game to this day grasp how to handle Cho'Gall. He will never show up in AI games as a bot (trust me, I know).

    21:12 Actually, her new trait doesn't cleanse Mosh Pit. It will remove it from your allies, but E.T.C. is still channeling it, so he'll just recapture them. That's why the example they used in the spotlight video was Cain with Stay Awhile and Listen, cause that only triggers once.

  7. 30:40 "I cast one pixie dust and two of my ult, and I can't ult again, the mana cost is too high"
    Dude, you want to cast three Emerald Winds in 15 seconds. Of course you're oom, of course it's gonna be costly. This upgrade is not made to spam the ult, but so that you're Emerald Wind is absolutely always available… at a cost. Every team fight, every objective, one Emerald Wind, always. And maybe even two.

  8. i'm so triggered by him not noticing that 16 pixie dust talent gives 1 second duration so it's 4 seconds, the same as soothing mist so 1 buffed heal is garanteed, he even complains it should be like that but DOESN'T SEE IT……..


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