KINGDOM HEARTS Three is Sora’s epic journey to revive gentle to the worlds. Be part of us LIVE Sunday – Thursday at 3:30PM PST for our Walkthrough Gameplay!

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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance –

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Kingdom Hearts 3 –

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  1. I'm glad you guys didn't get lost at all in this world like I did. Spent like an extra 30 minutes running around during the story.

    Now I'm in trying to get all the Lucky Emblems in Arendelle and I'm lost like in Toy Box D:<

  2. The main antagonist is monologuing about light and darkness and hearts and connections and a character who is totally irrelevant to him walks up and says

    ”I don’t care” what a world

  3. Like, weil ihr nyan heißt. Ich stelle mir Fantasien mit euch beiden vor. Btw, ihr müsst kontern, nicht dodgen, egal, was Berkan sagt.
    你好有人mother i喇嘛该in有人

  4. I don't think some people know the actual cast. I believe that the only worlds that doesn't have the original actors is Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Every other world has the original voice actors.

  5. Woody roasted Young Xehanort so hard that his old self felt it far in the future and went bald. That's my headcanon, and I'm sticking with it.

    By the way, the boss theme for the Toy Box is one of my favorite battle themes in this game. It has this sense of childlike wonder and innocence while still being epic, and it fits the Toy Story world perfectly.

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