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Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Tales of Vesperia is likely one of the most beloved entries within the ‘Tales of’ sequence and returns with superbly remastered full HD graphics, by no means earlier than seen characters, expanded story, and way more!

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  1. I've never played a Tales game before (though I just picked one of them up at Gamestop… import copy…had to return it….)

    Damn, this game is crinchey. Those skit animations look like something out of an old flash movie…

    Oh no! ROUSes! Rodents of unusual size!

  2. I don't know if someone told you already but you can cancel end lag on all moves if you use free run. Hold free run forward (in the direction your character is facing) and guard at the same time and you will cancel attacks into a guard. This is called Manual canceling. Also, you can add an additional hit to your combo by doing a free run attack right after the basic attacks (artes can be used after the free run attack). This makes early game combat not so frustrating and easier while saving some TP. Not sure if you wanted to know this but here it is anyway.

  3. Plaaaaay tales of abyss, pleaseeee, is the one with more developed characters, especially when it comes to the main. Also, I will be playing Vesperia and watching you guys playing it, I never finished this game on the xbox 360.

  4. I got it on the switch a day before release and plan to watch along as long as I am further ahead in story (and I don't think you will catch up any time soon), and I am excited. Really liked that stream.

  5. What the hell happened to this game's audio balancing.
    Am I insane, or was it not even close to this bad in the 360 release? Seems like something broke somewhere along the track, either with this port or the PS3 version it was based on.
    Like to be clear, there was always weirdness (I remember the fountain sound effect being kinda ridiculous, for instance), but I at least remember the background music wasn't wacked up like it is now.

  6. Funny thing about the whole "1-dimensional trope characters" thing… one of the things the Tales series is famous for is beginning just like a stereotypical anime RPG with cliche characters, and slowly (or in some cases, very abruptly) subverting those cliches as the story goes on. However, some Tales games play this more straight than others. Won't say which of these categories Vesperia falls into, though.

  7. A shame you guys didn't try Abyss before it, it's my favorite Tales of game.

    Also, I think people told this before, but Hard dificulty just make the enemies have a WAY higher stats (and Expert is just ridiculous, with you dealing 1 Damage on a lot of enemoies if you're not overleveled.

    So stick to Normal on a first playthrough. The game can be challenging as long as you're not too OP.

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