Hearth Emblem: Three Homes mixes issues up in its conflict part, permitting you to recruit college students and assign them roles on the battlefield. The Nintendo Change recreation additionally places much less emphasis on the weapon triangle and extra of a concentrate on fight arts.

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  1. this games' combat, is in no way— shape or form, is as dynamic OR as fluid as it was in Shadows of Valencia, by comparison it looks…..static…. I'm still getting the game though.

  2. Im new to this but is this really how all FE games are? I really dont like the boardgame/clash of clans like mechanics. Plis help I'm trying to get into this stuff for friends.

  3. Fine, I'll say it.
    This game looks bad. I wanted it to be good, but everything from the voice acting to the new dumb looking gambit system is turning me off. In one of the first encounters, the Pegasus knight did the dumbest looking barrel roll I've ever seen. I hope the story will prevent this game from flopping.

    At the end of video I realized that I dislike the UI and the battle animations. Oh look, did one guy die? Guess that means all the rest of the army has to run away now.
    I really wanted to buy a switch to get this game, but I can't see myself doing that anymore. 🙁

    However, I did like the voice actor for Byleth and her combat animations.

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