Watch some fourth-wall breaking co-op motion from Suda51’s newest entry within the No Extra Heroes franchise.

Untitled Goose Recreation Teaser Trailer – Nintendo Change:

Atone for Every little thing PAX West:

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  1. Why couldnt suda just open up a kickstarter or fund me for nmh3 instead of this i honestly dont know if itll change as levels progress which doesnt sound to bad but now ill have to buy this cause nmh3 is being held hostage feelsbad

  2. Yeahh…. I won't support this game.. not because I don't want to see a NMH3, but because supporting what looks less robust than a free mobile phone game may result in a sequel of this garbage. The switch is capable of more than this.. … This isn't a style play like Transistor or other Indie companies. Grasshopper has been around since 1998. This is basically some project a pair of university undergrad students could have tossed together to pass a 3000 level game programming course, but will be sold for a ridiculous price just to hear "Hu HA HU!!" on loop with dialogue repeating the first characters of the Japanese alphabet over and over while reading the dialogue.. "a i u e o" x 600.. Even the animations are just sweeping left to right strikes over and over again.. The Switch has been selling so well that it makes no sense to continue releasing lazy, unimaginative, mindless titles like this.

    There are plenty of a dime for your time Indie games across all platforms already and the Switch really does not currently have much of a library when it comes to mid to large studio releases. When people would appear to prefer just porting the last two games as yet more "remastered" titles from decades past as opposed to showing interest in the new product, you have failed the target consumer and will suffer the consequences, no matter how desperate people are for more Switch games to play. What a triumphant waste of the Unreal Engine. Release this not even remotely clandestine turd of a product on the Vita, Google Play store or steam for $5.99 instead. These guys have been around since 1998 and for what it is worth, I have never said anything so salty or negative about a video game prior to what has been typed here. Some games mean well and turn out to be disappointing or just bad and not for lack of trying to please consumers, but this looks like a lazy cash grab aimed at franchise fans.

  3. Is Grasshopper really that hard up for money? If they wanted to use this as the deciding factor for NMH3. They should've just ported NMH 1/2. I would've bought that in a heartbeat.

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