An early take a look at the Cataclysm occasion that is coming to Anthem.

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  1. They need to extract the (front end) aesthetics and gameplay of the game and install and integrate it with am entirely new core system and create a new game.

  2. This game had sooo much potential in my eyes from the first time I ever saw just a glimpse of the game, way before the trailers were even released. I defended this game over and over and over, but now I’m starting to agree with the naysayers. They need to come out with new content and loot and do it FAST‼️ otherwise this game is going to be COMPLETELY dead with ZERO people playing it. I’ve already uninstalled it until cataclysm comes out, and from the looks of it I’ll probably just play it once on each of my Javelins and go uninstall it again at this point. They’re releasing content waaayy too slow. Maybe this time next year it’ll be a better game and actually be what was promised to the fans. Such a huge disappointment. Worst transaction I’ve ever made. Guess I’ll wait till BreakPoint comes out and the new destiny 2 content to come out, until then I’ll be playing The Division 2, RDR2, and other games I haven’t beaten yet until Cyberpunk 2077 is released.

  3. If this is an IGN employee playing this demo I will eat my shorts. Doing advanced hulk jumping button combos? Smooth melee dodge boosting? That is dangerously bordering on skilled player moves. Everyone knows to land a job at IGN you must enter every encounter without reloading your weapon from the previous one, walk into a minimum of 5 static objects and never ever shoot for the head. That's either devs showcasing the game or witchcraft of the highest order.

  4. I still love the concept behind this beautiful game. Don't be so cruel with it instead give developers time to make it better and dont make em pressure so that they have to rush for usefull adjournaments like this

  5. Now I’ve never heard of this game before, until like yesterday. Anthem is dead videos have popped into my recommendations so I wanted to see what’s wrong with it

    You you guys that’ve played it first hand plz tell me what’s wrong bc based off of this it looks like a fun game to play with friends

  6. Does the storm not even affect the flight mechanics? Like flying against the wind slows you down or speeds you up flying with it at your back? Blowing you off course when it hits you at the side? Flying debris even? Seems like a missed opportunity

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