Exploring the world of Borderlands three as the brand new Moze character who makes use of a big mech to enter into fight.

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  1. Iron Bear operates exactly how I imagined it would.
    Reminds me of an OC Vault Hunter I had way back in like, early BL2 for an RPG. He was a Hyperion tech who stole a semi-sentient assault walker not too dissimilar from Iron Bear, but…yellow, obviously.

  2. you know what would be cool? bl3 obviously plans after the game is released, and that there's going to be a lot more to do after the story is over, wouldn't it be cool if there were totally optional planets to explore? sorta like how lynchwood and the caustic caverns had no actual story missions, but was a cool place to visit none the less, but on a much larger scale.

  3. Moze, sera mon personnage préféré !!!! Sur les autres Borderlands c’etait Axton, mais celui là il déchire 😱😍
    J’adore le lance grenade sur le fusil d’assaut, c’est une tuerie !!!!!
    J’ai trop hâte d’y jouer en Septembre sur PS4 🎧🎮🖥
    Moze, will be my favorite character !!!!
    On the other Borderlands it was Axton, but this one he tears 😱😍
    I love the grenade launcher on the assault rifle, it's a killing !!!!!
    I can not wait to play in September on PS4 🎧🎮🖥

  4. Instantly picking up money and ammo from crates, and a button to refill all ammo? Thats all I wanted, it could be BL2 all over again and I would love it

  5. Maybe when you're playing it, the feel may be different but just by watching, it feels and seems as though enemies are just ammo soaking sponge. Feels like shooting BB-guns at a soaking sponge.

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