Reveal trailer for the 4K remaster of Age of Empires 2, from the Microsoft Briefing at E3 2019.

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  1. They even included a shot of war elephants facing the wrong way and the building behind them collapsing, just like the original game!!! Lol, but seriously one of the last shots, watch it.

  2. The Grpahics Looks awsome i have completed Aoe 2 HD it was an awsume experiance spcially Saladin and genghis khan campaign .can,t wait to play DE of AOE 2 . let the September come fast.

  3. if they are going to remake the age of empires series as a hole then I wonder what Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition would be like? hell I would much prefer if they made it a 2d view like AOE 1&2. don't get me wrong I like the 3d AOE3 but it was just never the same like AOE 1&2.

  4. I hope no one will play this shit, and four 4 civ lol Tatars and Bulgarians.. hahha Bulgarians are descent of Tatars, or why they add Lithuanians but not Poland… shity game..

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