The Meeting are a cyborg-zombie race, that reproduce by patching themselves up with physique components and equipment from the battlefields. “Be part of” them!
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  1. This race is really stupid when you compare ART and LORE. They look like frigging DOOM demons with guts haning out their machinery. That's not TRANSHUMAN TECH, that is straight out of HELL (Much more Warhammer Chaos style = Torture, suffering and pain. And not "technology meets biology"). Just had to say that. Don't like them at all. Not the way they are done…

  2. Нравится их выпуклый, гротескный дизайн, наконец фракция с яйцами и харизмой в застоявшемся жанре.

  3. Strogg-like race kinda stupid concept, their biological components are the weakest parts of the bodies and if they have the cloning technology, then it does not make sense to process the corpses of enemies for reproduction. As well as expand their empire.

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