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ALL BOSSES REMAKE vs ORIGINAL Facet by Facet Gameplay Comparability – Resident Evil 2 Remake

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  1. It’s incredible how much gaming has evolved, the entirety of the new game was just so much darker, and they used sound to make it that much more bone chilling. Every part of the remake (except the tofu) is just nightmarish.

  2. Well, most of us can agree that the newer remakes (or just the newer ones) are a HELLA lot better than the originals. I played one with Claire and Leon but it was in the mansion and Leon had brown hair. I’m not sure if that’s Leon or someone else but it was still good.

  3. To be fair the remake is the better game however personally I don't like the over the shoulder camera, it bugs me a lot. I like having the character at the center of my screen not his shoulder. It distracts me. So I'm sticking with the original just for that reason only.

  4. The Battles in Original is Better, and the Leon/Claire interactions…in Remake, the Battles against William Birkin is so Easy and fast, the Original much Better, but i like the Remake.

    The End of Remake is Ridiculous, the WTF moment of the game… ksksksksksksksksksksk

  5. На 3ей минуте, в старой версии, когда она в Биркина стреляет с какого-то электрического ружья (да-да, там какие-то разряды после попадания в него), у монстра из жопы дым валит – походу пердак сгорел…

  6. The problem is that this isn't a remake but a reimagining. They gutted the B scenarios and cut content.

    The Resident Evil 1 remake was faithful as it had the original mansion plus added more to it and to the game it self.

    This remake they shoehorned parts of the B scenarios but doesn't work as expected, and cut content etc. The A and B scenarios worked so well together.

    There is little difference between Claire and Leon's campaigns making it pointless to play the other. While the original you not only had the A and B scenarios you also had different scenarios for there respective A and B scenarios.

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