Halo Infinite E3 2019 trailer and gameplay is shut! On June ninth 2019 we are going to possible see the an enormous Halo Infinite trailer and Halo Infinite gameplay. Listed below are all of the Halo Infinite leaks, and rumors it’s essential know!
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  1. I’m really hyped for Halo Infinite. But I’m very worried about the Open world, RPG rumour. After taking the evidence into account and seeing that its a possibility is scary. I’ve been a fan of the Halo series since I was very young and a change like this (In my opinion) would ruin it for me. I would be more disappointed than I was with Fallout 76. But this is just a rumour. And with E3 2019 with just a week away anything can happen

  2. It better have reach customization, I would spend hours changing my character and it also gave players a reason to grind and level up. In Halo 5 nobody cared about their level. Halo needs to bring back the reach customization because it gives players a reason to grind and level up

  3. Great, another Destiny Clone. Can't wait for that open world to be filled with fetch quests, defend 'x' character from waves of brain dead bullet sponges for 15 minutes, and escort missions.

  4. I traded in my Xbox One X for a PS4 Pro after Halo kinda died off for me. If this game is the masterpiece they're saying it is (please be good please be good please be good) then I will definitely jump back on Xbox and their next gen console. I'm a die hard Halo fan but after playing the MCC on Xbox for so long it made me sad to think that there will never be another halo game as good as the first three. Here's to hoping that I'm proved wrong!

  5. Worried about the open world aspect of it. Rage 2 is evidence enough that games with a FPS focus do not do well as Open World. There isn't enough one can do with an open world within the fps genre, unlike other genres like RPGs and Racing Games, which benefit from it.

  6. I'm gonna take a guess the ring in halo infinite might be the first ring build and many factions including the UNSC are gonna fight for control of it in a all out war . In other words , halo infinite might be the last halo game for the main story line .

  7. I just don’t want the different release dates to lead this to become like red dead 2. Everyone had enjoyed the enjoyable moments alone is solo before online came out, and online was hard to enjoy whilst waiting for updates

  8. ALTHOUGH I would enjoy both multiplayer and campaign together, think of the desperate wait that will make you lose interest. Also as soon as it is released you will jump on multiplayer rather than campaign, and then it will be shunned. I want this to be perfect after Halo 4 and 5 was ruined. They listened, which is good enough. Play the campaign first. You wont get bored, you will get familiarized, and then multiplayer will be perfect.

  9. If you are familiar with ark Survival evolved and the game how u are in a big open world up to 100 players, you can make bases and fight people and take their loot to make you more stronger imagine having that in halo and you can make big bases and have a group or a clan make Vehicles, bases raid people would make my life better

  10. TBH if they had to split it then I would prefer multiplayer first. I think it would be much better to have a multiplayer playerbase first instead of having it delayed a year as I feel that having more people interested in the multiplayer would mean more people would play the campaign.

  11. Halo 2 was my favorite because it was on the ring the art style for the missions were amazing. Hopefully it will be like halo1-2 more open nature landscapes

  12. you keep saying it'll be open world, but given how big their maps have always been, how big their budget is, and their attention to detail…. could it actually be opne worldS?

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