Try some model new Anthem gameplay I had an opportunity to file at EA’s Cube workplace in Stockholm.
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  1. Still waiting to hear music… anywhere in the game!!!! There is very low toned music you can kinda here in the background here or there but god I hate how EA is one of those AAA publishers that believes music gets in the way of enjoyment and shouldnt be a big part of the experience… thats my worst fear for anthem… say what you will about vanilla destiny 1, but it had some of the most epic music out there!!!

  2. The gameplay looks good for the Colossus and Storm, but the more and more I see of the Interceptor the less interesting it becomes. It's super is really weak in comparison to the other classes. They're probably going to have to rebalance it after launch.

  3. Just wanted to point out when you said in the video not to worry because the game is still in Alpha I’m sorry to say whatever screw ups are currently in the game will be out at launch. No way there going to fix any if all the issues with the game.

  4. Hope there's a pilot shooter system to shoot at things while you fly otherwise it's gonna be redundant to include the flying mechanic unless it allows u to build vertically

  5. Boring! I saw all videos about this game, all streams with developers, but every time all iron men used same abilities. Speed of the game is too slow, i hope in release version they'll add more differences to gameplay by each mech. Colossus should be more impressive, interceptor stealed from warframe, mage should have more abilities. And I hope they will add pvp

  6. I'll be watching, I'll make my opinion when the reviews come out, specifically ACG. That being said I am very very skeptical, I really hope I'm wrong for Biowares sake. Not EA though, fuck those cock knockers.


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