On this Anthem video I’ve palms on unique gameplay I seize in Stockholm courtesy of EA Sport Changers. I will probably be exhibiting off the Anthem Javelin’s Storm and Interceptor and going over many issues it’s good to find out about this recreation. The anthem gameplay is from an early story mission known as “Misplaced Arcanist”. Anthem. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! 2019 New Palms On Unique Gameplay. Storm/Interceptor. ✅ Sponsor my channel for unique sponsor advantages! https://gaming.youtube.com/mesaseany/live
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I’m a part of EA Sport Changers for Anthem and have permission to make use of the footage on this video. Massive due to them for flying me out to Stockholm Sweden to seize this gameplay.

Some footage spliced in from My Title Is By: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReachForgeNetwork

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Music with permission:
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Anthem. NEW STRONGHOLD GAMEPLAY! Raids, Legendary Contracts, Interceptor, Devoted Servers & Extra!


  1. To make things clear, people are comparing this to destiny and warframe because of its looks and system. Destiny had a class system(a mobile class with high damage, an ability based class, and a tankier class) also destiny used a masterwork gear system which would upgrade the gear. Warframe has a similar look in (graphic texture)and its in 3rd person. By graphic texture I mean they have the same look not design, its like comparing lego with mega bloks.

    Just trying to help, correct me if i typed any wrong or misleading information.

  2. 30 seconds in AND THIS GUY KNOWS HOW TO PLAY INTERCEPTOR! Look at this guy go damn!!! I’m so hyped for interceptor! Please give him a cape and/or hood (cross fingers) 🙏😭😭

  3. Not a fan of the HUD personally. I mean it’s fairly standard and all but I prefer my heath and pertinent info right in my primary view area. Something like The Division does is what I prefer. All your need to know info is right there.

  4. So, play this for a month before The Division 2 comes out, then switch back and forth? Or will you stick with one or the other. I'll get my javelins up to the max level (or try) before the Division comes out then get my operator up to max gear score and switch back to Anthem… then back to the Division… then back.

  5. Can they ever have a offline mode because it sucks as is to play a good game that's limited to online servers and you can't play it when you want to. Since its on a console and since we pay $60 for it, can we really keep it without the worry of one day the servers ending ? Why it can't be like borderlands or diablo with the co-op play? I mean they say you can play the game solo but ain't that a bit not true? Ps plus sucks ya know

  6. So I can totally see the comparisons to Destiny and Warframe (I feel like this leans more towards Warframe , personally,) but my question for you Mesa is does this game stand out on its own? I have already sunk lots of time and money into both Destiny 1&2 as well as Warframe. Does Anthem justify another purchase on its own? Is it unique enough to essentially reset everything again? It just feels so familiar that I am hesitant to buy in again, when I could just play what I already have money in for a similar experience. However, if the game is different enough, I would not mind delving into it. Hope you see this man, great video! #madeittotheend

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