Anthem Gameplay Impressions of Anthem Solo gameplay (Anthem impressions – anthem recreation of the anthem alpha – anthem bioware)
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  1. Good to note is that you ofc need to be online to play (so also when playing solo). The game also requires PS+ or Xbox live. – Very common with these types of games, but still worth noting!

  2. I hate multiplayer games. its just not my thing. So the question for me is not so much if it’s possible but is it worth it and how much extra effort has to be put in and is that worth it. Bioware has been claiming, solo play no problem. But now that the VIP demo has dropped they seem to have changed their opinion, and strongly suggested you pay with friends. Also, they stated in a twitter post that end game actives will require a group. As of now, I’m going to say it looking like a pass for solo players.

  3. So you can actually solo free roam? The producer lead Ben Irving said that all activities will have matchmaking if you try to join without a squad… there's no news if you can turn it off similar to what we can do in Warframe. I'm guessing the campaign doesn't have matchmaking since they confirmed you can solo The campaign.

  4. You said you would be able to solo most of the activities, but developers are being very vague about that kind of detail. Can you tell me anything which activites you will be able to solo besides the story missions? I'm asking because I'm planning to buy this game but I'm not going to buy this game if I'm forced to play with other people and not even have the option to solo activities.
    You know some people just want to play a game by themselves and enjoy it. I know it's possible to solo most of the activities because the YouTuber Willisgaming posted a video when he was at Stockholm playing Anthem he's soloed one of the free roam big bosses using Storm. A boss that's so happens by where said was impossible to solo by yourself.

  5. Well, good infos here and i'm glad they i already prepared my friends that i play the Story on my own the first time to get a good sense of the story, lore and world.

  6. I'm not going to get super hyped for this game but I wont outright disregard it. Ill just see how it turns out. might love it might hate it. Most everyone ive seen is either picking one polar or the other. Yall can be grey its ok to not pick sides.

  7. 7:00 several past titles gave us the same activity, just different methods of doing it is what made it fun. Examples being skyrim and rainbow six siege, both very successful games that I also enjoy.

    So the task isnt the issue, it's how fun they can make the replayability and how many different styles of play you can use to mix it up.

  8. I looked at some of the gameplay demos and I might have to disagree with your point on the voice acting. It just sounded so fake that I might actually be tempted to turn the voice volume to 0.

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