Level your eyes at new Anthem gameplay unveiled at E3 2018, which reveals off extra of the shared-world motion RPG from Bioware. Ensure to examine the 4 Javelin exo fits that you’ll use within the sport to jetpack round an open world of lush landscapes rendered by the Frostbite engine. Subscribe for extra from Exterior Xbox at E3 2018: http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

Anthem is out on launch date 22 February 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  1. Bioware would have been wise to take this game and break away from EA with it. Could have turned it into an online universe similar to Mass Effect and crowd funded it. More developers need to shun these large publishers and do their own thing. It's the only way to kill companies like EA.

  2. $1000 it’s not going to look this good. I’ve been scammed by Ubisoft to many times. I know they’re different developers but it’s the thought

  3. I'm okay with it being Mass Effect-y, because the fuckers teased me bad with Mass Effect: Adromeda- and it was like asking for Coke, but getting Diet Coke instead, and now my blood sugar is low and now I actually do want something with substance. So getting a Mass Effect game from the original developers, even if it's something of a spiritual sequel- is okay with me.

  4. I believe ship captain EA and 1st assistant BioWare are about to steer us into a giant floating behemoth of a SH!TBERG might wanna brace yourselves hype dorks…LOL XD

  5. is a mass effect andromeda reskin with destiny / warframe / division flavor to it , and this is bad because andromeda controls where absolutely horrendous unless they fix it for this game, movement in me andromeda was like the character weight 5 tons , and camera sensibility extremely slow

  6. Oh look, it's a new game from bioware, completely new lore and shit, so cool. If it wasn't for the fact that it looks so generic and boring and I'm still waiting for Dragon Age 4 which I hope they don't screw up like with Andromeda.


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