With Anthem we have experienced one of the most convulsive triple A releases in our recent history, a situation that has dragged down delays in content promises and that, most likely, has accelerated the arrival of the game to EA Access.

Despite the improvements and the intention of not abandon his plan, since Bioware now announce a change of course that will set aside its path of continuous updates to focus on continuing to fix errors.

So what has released Chad Robertson, head of the game's service, ensuring that new content will arrive, but from now on they will without a closed date to be able to work on the adjustments and revisions that the game requires.

It also recognizes that with this they pursue the necessary transparency to make known that they are working on making Anthem a better game and they are collecting and studying all the feedback received by the players.

Although the process is longer than expected, it would not be the first game to rise from the dead and, years later, proves to have a solid and loyal user base. Ubisoft has shown that this model is possible with the occasional collapse and is now EA which should support the measure instead of jumping to something else.

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Anthem leaves his path of updates behind to focus on game issues

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Anthem leaves his path of updates behind to focus on game issues 1

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