Anthem by Bioware EA is at our doorstep. The video takes the newest recreation play, analyzes and explains it so that you perceive what’s going on.

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  1. why did it say you've picked up "25 ranger parts" or "25 colossus parts" (those numbers are examples) is that to craft another suit? The chimeric alloy i understand could be for a weapon, but what's the specific javelin parts for??

  2. Hey Dantics, I just wanted to start by saying I’ve never heard of you until I started looking for Anthem news and you definitely seem like you’re going to be my main source of Anthem information so keep up the good work! My question though, revolves around the support abilities like muster point, taunt, target beacon, etc. I don’t think I’ve seen a video yet where you could see one of those displayed in the hud. Does that mean they’re unlimited use or?

  3. Anyone else kinda concerned that the guns are useless? Like in all the gameplay I’ve watched the guns are like not used at all. It seems all ability based which is weird I feel like it should be more evenly based using both but idk maybe in the only one that wants that 😂

  4. Wow, does anyone remember when Destiny was being previewed before release? This looks exactly like that same bullshit. The marketing is the same, the vague grandness of the story, the "skill" needed to play different classes, the promise of a grand adventure, the live service of the game, the staffing changes in the studio, the backtracking of comments made by the promoters of the game, and all the hype. I've got my popcorn ready, I've got a nice view, I'm just waiting for the train wreck to happen.

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