As we imagined, the third season of Apex Legends the next one will arrive October 1st. So far this date had not been confirmed, but knowing that the current season It ends on September 30, too, there was no need to go around the matter many times except for unforeseen events.

It is also confirmed, how could it be otherwise, that the new legend will be Crypto. After the leaks and of having seen it a couple of days ago Hacking the systems on the game map was pretty clear. We still had to see if it was finally going to be called Crypto or not, but yes.

There goes a small presentation video:

Because of the little information that has been given about Crypto Until now, the new legend will be able to deploy surveillance drones that will give us support on the battlefield. We will see how they work and what else this character can do later, when Respawn offers us all the details.

The third season will come with a new battle pass loaded with more than 100 new cosmetic objects, as well as a new weapon called Charge rifle. This energy rifle was already available in Titanfall Y Titanfall 2, where it worked as a weapon antititanes and that after a recharge of a couple of seconds threw a ray of devastating electricity. We will see how it works in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Charge Rifle

This is how the new Apex Legends Charge Rifle looks

In addition to all this, the new season will continue to correct errors and improve various aspects of the game, such as qualifying items. From Respawn they ensure that the points system has worked very well during the first series, which started in the second season, and they will make small adjustments.

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