Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Go is a lot better than Season 1. There are extra legendary skins, good loot, crafting supplies, and skydiving emotes. I cowl the move, Battle Cost occasion, Apex Legends S2, The Leviathans on the map, map replace, L-Star Weapon, new hop ups, and naturally some Wattson gameplay.

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  1. Wattson is for zoning and defense.
    You could also play her offensively you just can't play her right.
    Remember when u killed that Bloodhound in the cage? Yeah you killed him because you put down your traps so that the bloodhound won't have choices to go.
    If he drops down u can shoot him.
    etc etc.

  2. Wattson is a defensive character not an offensive character.
    That's why you don't like her.
    Bruh. Pylons are for zoning duh.
    Don't criticize something you don't understand how to play.

  3. This new Season 2 Battle Pass levelling system stinks. It is designed for the Drift0r's of the world. It is far too stingy and tedious. It is not designed for casual gamers. This Battle Pass only serves those who have 10 hours a days to play.

  4. Been using only wattson this season, shes really good. She can can control areas, you dont have to camp with her. Its nice because you can go on the offensive whenever you wany and prevent your opponent from pushing you. Shes more strategic.

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