Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Cross:
Apex Legends Season 2 kicks off with the brand new Legend Wattson. She is a brand new protection character that has an vitality barrier, one thing of a trophy system, recharging shields, and quite a lot of quirky stuff. This video is my dwell makes an attempt to play Wattons, my reactions (dislike) to her, and plenty of new L-Star gameplay.

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  1. I play Wattson very aggressively and she works perfectly fine especially when you are fighting a full squad in the wide open or in a building and you put down her ultimate near you so you don't get blown up or hit with Bangalore or Gibraltar Ult. She is not a camping character she actually allows you to aggressively push squad while using strategy rather than just pushing and running and sliding aimlessly then dying right away like alot of people do, especially in skull town. Her traps are amazing in skull town to stop sliders from coming into the building by sliding underneath doors.

  2. 10:15 no you don't caustic and wattson are not only for camping.
    what you do is you just roam around regularly.
    then if you fight an enemy you fight them right.
    get into a house or a cover and trap them.
    this way you can push them.
    but they can't push you.
    if you want I could teach you wattson properly.
    you just trigger me a lot.

  3. How does this game work? Can you just play whatever character you want at all times or is it like Overwatch where you get to play your favorite character once every 5 months?

    Would I be able to play only Wattson?

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