The 10th New Legend character to enter the world of Apex Legends is the engineer Wattson, right here is her debut trailer from EA’s E3 2019 Convention.

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  1. they say it takes a year in a half to make a character, they did make watson in 18 months, my concern is that if it takes that long to make a character wtf are you doing. when you first start the game it pops up (EA) game now that's a big gaming company apex is an awesome game but are you shiting me EA take 18 months or more to make one person,or did some schmuck just say hay my game will be good EA can i use your brand for promotion. ya i have played the game for only three days and have the hole map down everything else you can only unlock something when you level witch does make it better than fortnight. but i only like the hunter so at this point three days in and i feel like there should be more stuff. the map is too simple to remember and the lack of characters is bad seeing that i only like the one, i do like all the options each character has but i'm not gonna pay so it takes five matches just to level to unlock stuff. i'd rather just buy the game for 50$ then have to invest like 300$ just to enjoy it to the fullest. hell at least get 15 crafting material for playing in each match that way if you die or win you get something. i one a match with all 3 teammates still alive not a fucking thing no symbol or reword nothing got the same as if i died ten minutes in the game and to me that's bullshit. i will keep playing but i'm not happy with it i play it because i have nothing else to play. i would be happy playing if it offered more that was free and the map was more like a maze or more playable characters. i'm just saying how i felt when i played it,i could feed people crap but then i'd be lying.i will say this out of all the free downloads its the best one to play i do like that it has a borderlands vibe to it. overall i just wish ( the map was more complex and it offered more free rewards ) people don't mind buying a game for 50$ but when you got to spend over 100$ gut to get the full game to enjoy that's fucking all the low class people man only some rich kids parents are gonna drop 100$ so they can have that skin for there gun or character they like.

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