That everything plans to turn to services is something we have been seeing for a good season. That everything has a place and will have the success of Netflix is ​​obviously another song. This week Manzana further formalized his proposal for Apple Arcade, subscription service that by 5 euros per month It gives us access to more than 100 games on their platforms.

A few hours before, Google warmed the environment remembering that his Google Play Pass It is also on its way, also including different applications in its subscription instead of being limited to games. However, I cannot help feeling that it is neither for me nor I know very well who it is intended for.

The potential audience of Apple Arcade

With much of the hardcore sector reneging the game on mobile phones and the casual squeezing free to play while also boosting its success, I don't quite understand which sector it is that can end up being attracted another subscription. The former are probably already committed to other services and, among the latter, the truth is that I don't know of any case that sees in the purchase of applications and games a feasible possibility.

At first I came to the idea of ​​the kids like a burning nail to grab. I read that parents, Worried about micropayments invoices, they would opt for a payment alternative without complications or risks limited to that subscription of 5 euros. It doesn't seem far fetched to reach that conclusion, but only if you don't have kids.

If you have them you will know that they are capricious creatures that are not worth anything you throw them. They can go through that time, yes, but in the end it all comes down to what they hear in school, play with friends or, if necessary, have seen on YouTube.

There, as you will be imagining, they enter Fortnite, Brawl stars, Clash Royale and very concrete experiences that usually are usually free to play for the great pull they have among that public that is not willing to pay.

I do not see an unexpected fever that invites you to play Jenny LeClue or ChuChu Rocket! Universe As much as it is ideal for us. If fashion is still Fortnite, You can count on that they will end up going back to it and, in the long run, someone will rethink whether paying for something that is not being taken advantage of is a good option.

The first step towards a market with more visibility

The most curious thing about all this is that, despite the arched eyebrow and the reality of my surroundings putting my feet on the ground, I would like nothing more than to see how Apple Arcade Y Google Play Pass They become a resounding and unprecedented success. Even watching the service presentation a few days ago – look that there were interesting games to show – the only thing that came to mind was an "hopefully".

I find it incredibly necessary to demonstrate, from a channel with more pull such as Apple Arcade, the formidable catalog that has the mobile games sector. A jewel pit really impressive that often, if not always, is overshadowed by the success of the match 3 free to play on duty.

If you are among those who still think that mobile gaming is not worth it, it is probably because you have not approached the right experiences. And I don't blame you, the stores and the lack of information In that area, which only celebrates the indies destined to succeed, they are far from the archeology and exploration that other platforms like the independent PC or Switch catalog enjoy.

Those games that seem to have been buried under a tangle of slots and micropayments They really are there. They just need the right push to prove to the public that another world of mobile games is possible. Yes Apple Arcade Y Google Play Pass They serve at least to return the throne they deserve, welcome.

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