▶ ARK Survival Advanced Gameplay – Attempting to find and taming a Tapejara and making an attempt to tame a Thylacoleo!
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  1. I'd say aim for the upgraded crafting equipment and go for the relics then try to take the bosses. The game can be a huge grind playing solo but you are taking the right steps with multiple bases around the map etc

  2. Btw if you play with me you could get everything really fast I play ark a lot and I’m an expert at taming I have a ps4 so I don’t know if you have one but if you do my username is gdsmakers2450 so if you do you could go ascend to ragnarok and the center if you have a ps4 remember that and tell me a suggestion you should tame a mosasaurus,carnotaurus,beaver/castoroides also a really good base location is in the volcano when I guess you go to a hard boss it’s 3 kind broodmother/giant spider megapithicus/giant ape and dragon/kinda looks like Spyro love your vids

  3. If you're really stuck, why not ask for help from some of the Pooping Evolved players? I'm sure you could get one of them to join you for a collaborative episode and help you out. Maybe even just discuss how to progress with them to see what directions you should head? If nothing else it will give you live feedback that can help you continue.

  4. Work on taming high level (140+) rexes. Get a good stat pool and begin breeding. Once you get 20 good rexes you can take them to the boss fights and unlock tek gear. Use the Tapejara to tame a Quetzal (board the front seat, use whistle commands to fire tranq darts). Farm dodo eggs to tame a oviraptor which has an ability to make creatures lay eggs much more frequently. Use those eggs for Kibble to tame dinos more quickly and effectively. This is a good excuse to tame other creatures you might not have any other use for ( such as scorpions). Get shocking tranq darts and a quetz platform saddle to tame a Giga.

    TL;DR: You haven't scratched the surface of the game, please, keep going!

  5. You may have found this out already, but the Tapejara is better than the Pteranadon because of its manoeuvreblility, not its damage. The Tapejara has less weight than the Pteranadon because it's not level 192 AND is nearly impossible to tame a Quetzal solo, so good luck I guess. Please… say it like (Tappa-ha-ra) not Sello- (*Tape*) Jam- (*Jar*) (-ah)

  6. One of the things I have done in the past Python is get a high level argentavis with really really high stam then tame a high level scorpion with REALLY Really high attack. Grab the scorpion in your claws and whistle aggressive. Fly up to the quetz and let the scorpion hit it. It will eventually knock it out. It takes a bit but it works. Keep up the good work man!

  7. To tame a quetzal…

    Step 1
    Get a high stamina argy and a crap ton of grappling hooks

    Step 2
    Grapple to yr argy and make him attack the quetzal

    Step 3
    When close to quetzal whistle passive and shoot quetzal

    Step 4
    Repeat steps 2 and 3

    Step 5
    Shove food in quetzal

    Step 6

    Step 7
    Wait some more…….

    Step 8
    And continue waiting……

    Step 9
    Congrats u have a tamed quetzal!!!!!

  8. dung beetles on produce fertilizer when they are on wander best way to do it is put them into a wooden cage and then enable wander and you can shoot from tapejara if u are attached on a wall

  9. Python you can use your argentavis to tame a quetzal when you find a quetz you jump of the argentavis and shoot it with a grappling hook the you activate a parachute an guide the argentavis with the attack target button

  10. easy way too tame is bola it then try and shot it before it in bola's with a qutez grapple to your argy get a low level quetz its a whistle game and a spy glass whistle to attack quetz when you get close whistle passive or get it stuck against a mountain and build a box around it quickly to trap it I just did a level 20 with no quetz to start solo I had too chase my 150 tapjara around the map for 2 hours if not more solo best map too get a quetz stuck is the center map now I just waiting too find a 150


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