Karak discusses and asks viewers in the event that they just like the switches within the gameplay components of the brand new Assassins creed video games
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  1. I liked Origins but I reaally miss the combat of 3 and Unity. Unity had the best improvements in my opinion in being challenging and making you feel like a badass. They should have just expounded upon unitys.

  2. I wish it was more straight forward kinda thing, have the camera up close behind the shoulder, have the levels be more open areas rather than open world. Then have some brutal combat with stealth thrown in too. Im not liking this massive open world rpg fest, its not my style for assassins creed tbh.

  3. I like the changes being made gameplay wise. However, I am disappointed with the changes made to the overarching story i.e. the modern day. Now I know the community is split between those who enjoyed the modern segments and those who hated it, and Ubisoft is clearly leaning more to the side of those who'd rather not have a modern day at all. However, I miss how Desmond's story linked the first four games together, essentially driving the narrative forward and giving purpose to why we were exploring the past in the first place. I'm not saying modern day should return entirely, but I just wish that Ubisoft would dedicate some more effort in unifying the stories in a more meaningful way.
    A few issues I do have with the new gameplay is the semi-randomized loot drops and the choice system. While I do enjoy the newer rpg system of choices in game I feel like it messes with the series lore. I also feel like the story could've benefited more from having a story dedicated to one character alone rather than allowing the story to fit around what is essentially two different people. I feel like the story would have been more engaging and compelling if they focused only on Kassandra, and any possible struggles she may have had as a woman in what is essentially a man's world at that time.

  4. I love AC Odyssey. Cant stop playing. Yes ill admit it i bought one of the microtranactions (XP and money booster). And i know alot of other people did too but wont admit it. Kind of like Trump. Everyone trash talks Trump but secretly voted for him😂

  5. The reason AC games became stale was because Ubisoft fired Patrice Désilets so they could milk more games. Even AC Brotherhood was rushed so it could come out the next year. They killed Desmond because Patrice was gonna end the series with Desmond becoming the ultimate assassin and storm Abstergo. But what we got was his death of Desmond and the storyline of AC.
    If hated modern day than AC wasnt for you. The whole point of the animus was so they could find pieces of Eden before Abstergo could. Its no coincidence that AC games startrd becoming stale when there was no Modern Day storyline. The people who complained about Modern Day killed Assassins Creed

  6. I think if they mesh the new woth the old, itd be better. I love Origins and Odyssey both very much but I hate the sponge Ness. I miss feeling like a badass. When a blade goes into someones head they should be dead. Great topic Karak 😁

  7. Massive Assassins Creed Fan here, I feel the new style is generic, the old style has more identity, I think ideally they should move to a more stealthy combat system where you can take a more damage if you don’t stealth, but at the same time have exciting hand to hand combat with enemies

  8. the problem isnt "ohh people need to get over the fresh new look of assassin's creed" but they fucking took desmond away from us! they killed him and left that part of the story unhinged and wasted.

  9. If the next AC game can give us back a better hand to hand melee system without sacrificing a weapon spot I would be happy, give back crowd blending and bench sitting, and give us an option to toggle hood on and off without having to stop and go into the damn menu all the time.

  10. Honestly if they stuck with the Unity combat and free running style and expanded on that then I'd be happy. I mean in Origins and Odyssey the new combat is just as spammy as the combat of 3,4, and Rouge. While the free running is at its perfect form to me it feels amazing and seamless. Its not bad but Unity to me had the best combat and free running to a extent

  11. I liked the old games but the new games are simply more varied and enjoyable as a whole and it was a change that breathed new life into a struggling franchise for many like me. I love Odyssey

  12. Old. But more importantly I haven't liked the open worlds in these past two games. I thought I would but I just don't. You can play an old AC game for a long long time so they don't need open world to get value. I haven't bought this past game because the last one, imo, was so mind numbing boring. Final thought and his been mentioned before but change the title UBISOFT. When do these games actually become assassins any more.


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