ATOMIC HEART – Unique Gameplay Trailer (New FPS Soviet-Union Sport) 2018 Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC. Seems to be lots like Bioshock!
The sport on Steam:
Atomic Coronary heart is an journey first-person shooter (coming to VR later), occasions of which unfold in an alternate universe, through the excessive midday of the Soviet Union. The principle character of the sport is a particular agent, who was despatched to a extremely secret object by the Soviet authorities after it went radio silent.
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  1. This reminds me of a fallout type game where the Soviets never collapsed, and instead of persuing nuclear weapons, they used nuclear power for machinery, and quickly became a much bigger threat for America

  2. Отечественный игропром встаёт с колен, главное что-бы он потом на бутылку не сел. Верим в Советский биошок.


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