Fortnite It is no stranger to superheroes. We have already had a couple of events with Marvel, but now it's the turn of the competition. It seems that Batman It will land on the island of the most popular Battle Royale in the world.

That's what the files indicate that some users like Luke7Yoshi They have found hidden in the last update of the game of Epic.

There will be skins Thematic and two new weapons: the batarang and the hook gun. The first will chase our enemies and the second will push us as far as we have aimed to then deploy our batcapa. It also seems that there will be sprays and a batwing, which I guess will be a skin for the hang glider.

The most interesting change, however, is the one that will suffer the area of Picados Village, which looks like it will become the very same Gotham city.

Of course, lots of new challenges inspired by the Dark Knight. The image that illustrates this news will also be the new loading screen.

There are two very close dates related to Batman and that give us a clue as to when this event could arrive. On the one hand, the film of Joker opens on October 4, and on the other, September 21 is the Batman Day. Either is possible.

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