When unsure, get your SMG out. (4K PROCESSING)
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60
►Thumbnail Picture by: https://twitter.com/Shadow6ix

Manufacturing Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

When you obtained this far. You might be AWESOME!


  1. Very messy game from a recent livestream. Hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to turn on notifications to be updated when I go live! Oh and I finally got a PO Box.. TBM GAMES, PO Box 858, Stockport, SK2 9BH, United Kingdom |— Also, birthday stream, March 23rd, giving away a premium pass or two, maybe three. Be there. =)

  2. it makes me laugh the score like that, I took a first ban on Italy because I have 170kill with the bomber and I took a ban defined on jungle because I did a 150kill with the flame trooper

  3. You're one of the best console players with that control that I've seen. Coming from a PC, I always see "epic" montages that's quite unbelievable then I noticed it's console BF1, because on console, using controller, the reaction time is so slow and the way console player moves are limited by their controllers. They always look very blur or unaware of their surrounding thus getting kills easily and epic montages are created. If they do that on PC, they would have been spotted and killed instantly. HOWEVER, they way you play, you could easily rival some of the top BF1 players on PC. Thumbs up.


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