Battlefield V Firestorm launches on March 25th. The Battle Royale mode features solos and squad gameplay, plus duos arrives in April. Here’s some raw gameplay of Battlefield V’s Battle Royale in action. If you want a complete tutorial and explanation of gameplay mechanics, you can find that here:

Full Battlefield V Firestorm announcement trailer:

Details on Firestorm from the Official Battlefield website:

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  1. Im super excited to be learning a new battle royale this week. Then cod releasing some dlc 2 content too on tuesday. Lots of hrs to grind on this week 💪🏼.

  2. They should add more furniture to the houses and enhance the storm’s graphics. Looks like something from 2010. Fists when diving look much like plastic. The animation is annoying. Pls add more detail or a third person dropping camera.

  3. Omg please dice change that.. “you came 1st” line st the end. It’s begging for memes in a bad way, also kinda weird how they didn’t go with the more natural way of reviving like in the base game.

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