You recognize what I bear in mind about WWII? All of these YouTube thumbnails. Jeff is right here to get shot up time and again within the Xbox One X model of Battlefield V.

Battlefield V: Fast Look

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  1. "NoTitanfall style movement… No Battle Royal – 2 Stars" – Jeff Gerstmann. I'm not a BF fan but have tired of Jeff having such narrow views on how a shooter should play. Glad Ben was there with an open mind and noticing some of the positive qualities this game may offer.

  2. I'm liking the game, it has some cool new features and is for sure keeping my attention. My favourite new feature is the fortification building, really makes games feel dynamic. Also, only medics or other people from your squad can revive people, anyone who isn't a medic outside your squad can't revive you.

  3. It's the best feeling BF ever imo, when it comes to runing and shooting. But it's still BF, same modes, squad focus, with some bugs and a absurdly horrible map for conquest (Hamada).

  4. Sheesh the gamepad gameplay looks like a bunch of headless chickens randomly shooting everywhere, like playing with one hand tied behind your back – you can do it, but it's much harder than just playing with a mouse

  5. i've never played a battlefield game except for 20 minutes of the campaign of some game some 5-6 years ago. even I understand that there is bullet drop on long range fire yet jeff keeps aiming straight down the sight at enemies a hundred yards away and beyond with the sniper and misses… i hope he doesn't play sniper often

  6. I was under the impression that Battlefield was going back to its roots. I thought I've heard this in the marketing of Battlefield. (Maybe I'm wrong, because I can't find where I read/heard that.)

    So I hoped and thought they meant going back to Battlefield 1942, with big maps that are truly big and contain an airfield for both sides where you can jump in an airplane. Or the 'parkinglots' on both sides with a huge amount of tanks and jeeps and stuff.

    But going back to the roots just meant the theme: WWII.

    The rest is all the same shit. To my little naked eyes this seems like a reskin for Battlefield 1. And the gameplay from that was more like an arena shooter. Just arcady fun with little to no strategy involved.


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