Breakdown of the new Borderlands 3 Gameplay Trailer, unveiling new info! The Release Date was also announced, along with the Gameplay Reveal Event!



Borderlands fans have been waiting nearly a decade for #Borderlands3 and today Gearbox Released a brand new official Borderlands 3 Game play trailer! this video will be breaking down a bunch of the new weapons, new character info, locations, vehicles, and so much more! The official Release Date was also announced, as well as the different editions on PS4, Xbox One, and PC! We also address the epic games store issue! #Borderlands

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  1. IF the xp boost and the loot drop mod will function same as in borderlands 2, I see no problem.
    why? because they are really insignificant.
    Xp boost is level scale based, so if the boost is same as borderlands 2 (8.2%)? it will only start being little more effective towards the end game levels.
    Loot chance in short , is getting a bigger chance of not getting white rarity or green. It doesn't rise the chance to drop a legendary or rare weapons

  2. I just played borderlands 2 and in first impression borderland 2 looks better even if it wasnt what I expected in terms of movement the aim is weird vehicule controls (BL2) are aweful why cant you turn left and right with A and D i think thats dumb , thats the only thing that borded me the movement is too slow in the game, I just played 4 hours straitgh so I dont even know what the real game looks like still playing..HO one more thing weapong description like it in borderland 2 but what I saw on that vid looks weird and harder to fast read

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