Borderlands 3’s marketing campaign takes a bit of over 30 hours to finish, placing its runtime simply over that of Borderlands 2’s story. Nonetheless, there’s nonetheless stuff to do as soon as the marketing campaign is full as Borderlands Three does have an endgame. Beneath, you will discover a normal overview of all of the content material you will unlock on the finish of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands Three launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC through the Epic Video games Retailer on September 13. The sport is scheduled to launch on Google Stadia later this 12 months and on extra PC storefronts in 2020. In the event you’re nonetheless attempting to determine whether or not or not you wish to purchase it, learn GameSpot’s Borderlands Three assessment.

Circle Of Slaughter

Lengthy-time followers will acknowledge Torgue’s Circle of Slaughter arenas because the franchise’s conventional horde mode, which is renamed with a unique title in each sport. In Circle of Slaughter, you face off towards waves of enemies, every of that are divided into phases. Every part additionally has non-compulsory duties you may full to earn even better rewards as soon as you’ve got accomplished each wave.

In the event you die, you will have to begin over from the primary part on the primary wave so Circle of Slaughter is rather more possible to finish as a crew versus by your self. As you battle, your exploits can be praised or condemned–depending in your performance–by Mr. Torgue himself. The person loves when individuals use his weapons or kill enemies with grenades, so if you wish to make him pleased, be sure you deliver alongside all of your explosive Torgue weapons.

True Vault Hunter Mode

In the event you instantly wish to bounce again into Borderlands 3’s marketing campaign and replay it from the very starting, you are able to do it with out shedding all of your progress. Clearly you may simply begin over with a brand-new Vault Hunter in case you choose, however Borderlands Three additionally has a brand new sport plus known as True Vault Hunter Mode.

In True Vault Hunter Mode, you keep your whole ability factors, weapons, grenades, and beauty unlocks. The enemies you battle will drop considerably higher loot and grant you bigger chunks of expertise so you may degree up quicker. Nonetheless, all enemies may have extra well being and you may encounter badass variants in better frequency. In Borderlands 2, True Vault Hunter Mode really modified some enemies, giving them brand-new identities, weapons, and fight methods. Borderlands Three most likely does the identical, however we have not examined True Vault Hunter Mode but as we wish to strive the sport’s different endgame content material first.

Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode permits you to add attention-grabbing extra results to fight whilst you’re mopping up any remaining facet quests. By default, turning on Mayhem Mode will increase loot high quality by 200%, which decreases the probability of discovering frequent and unusual loot and will increase the likelihood that you’re going to get uncommon, very uncommon, and legendary. The quantity of expertise, eridum, and money that drops from enemies and that is present in chests will increase by 200% as nicely. Nonetheless, enemy well being will increase by 15% and shields and armor each enhance by 25%.

With Mayhem Mode turned on, potential gameplay mods are activated as nicely. Some enemies could develop into reasonably bullet-proof, for example, otherwise you’ll develop into a wizard that offers much less injury with regular bullets and way more with elemental assaults. You’ll be able to unlock two extra extra ranges of mayhem in Mayhem Mode, with every evolution rising the opportunity of gaining good loot but in addition making the potential gameplay mods considerably extra drastic.

Guardian Ranks

Borderlands Three does away with the standard Badass Ranks for Guardian Ranks, and you may unlock this second degree of development as soon as you’ve got accomplished the marketing campaign. In earlier video games, your Badass Rank was elevated by spending tokens you unlocked by way of finishing challenges. In Borderlands 3, you additionally enhance your Guardian Rank with tokens however they’re earned by way of expertise that is tied to a development bar that is separate from the one to your degree.

As soon as you’ve got unlocked your Guardian Rank, you may evolve it in several methods by investing tokens into three completely different lessons: Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter. Placing factors into Enforcer will increase your total injury and fireplace fee, whereas Survivor is geared in direction of well being and shields, and Hunter focuses in your lively expertise and luck (luck being the stat that determines how typically you get uncommon, very uncommon, and legendary loot drops). Investing in every class additionally unlocks sure weapon skins and different cosmetics.

As soon as you’ve got invested a token, you may’t get it again however you may put factors in direction of any class you need and you are not locked out of the opposite two in case you closely put money into one. The total checklist of stat boosts that include every class are listed beneath.


  • Essential Injury
  • Grenade Injury
  • Gun Injury
  • Gun Fireplace Charge
  • Melee Injury
  • Car Injury


  • Battle for Your Life Length
  • Battle for Your Life Motion Pace
  • Max Well being
  • Protect Capability
  • Protect Recharge Delay
  • Protect Recharge Charge


  • Accuracy
  • Motion Talent Cooldown
  • Luck (Rarity Charge)
  • Recoil Discount
  • Reload Pace

Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds are designed as cooperative-focused missions, however you may take them on solo in case you choose. You unlock a number of Proving Grounds upon ending Borderlands 3’s marketing campaign and although every one is completely different, all of them observe the identical time-based problem format.

In Proving Grounds, you are tasked with beating three waves of enemies. Finishing all of the waves sees you go up towards a boss, and defeating stated boss rewards you with some wonderful loot. The loot’s rarity and energy relies on each how shortly you beat your entire mission and what number of instances you died all through. It is strongly suggested you tackle the Proving Grounds as a crew as an alternative of by yourself. Although you can tackle the Proving Grounds alone and most probably beat them with out dying (supplied you are on the beneficial degree), it may well take some time to defeat the bosses by your self, and that may make it tougher to win throughout the non-compulsory time restrictions.

Put up-Launch Content material

The Fall/Winter 2019 post-release content material roadmap for Borderlands Three has already been revealed. You’ll be able to anticipate two free items of content material first, Bloody Harvest (which sounds Halloween-themed) and Maliwan Takedown. Bloody Harvest is an occasion that may add new facet quests and thematic awards and Maliwan Takedown provides a brand-new map, enemies, a boss, and rewards. Borderlands 3’s first piece of paid DLC arrives on the finish of 2019, including new marketing campaign story missions. All 4 items of main DLC are included in Borderlands 3’s season move.

Although actual particulars have not been revealed, Borderlands Three is scheduled to get raids down the road as nicely, which can be what makes doing a lot of the aforementioned endgame content material worthwhile. “We’ll have particular occasions in addition to raids,” Borderlands Three lead boss designer Matt Cox stated in an interview with VG247. “The main points on how that shakes out can be introduced later, however there’s loads of endgame.”

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