Our resident battle royale skilled and our resident Name of Responsibility skilled spent all day taking part in the Name of Responsibility: Black Ops four Blackout mode beta. Ought to Fortnite or PUBG begin sweating? Try our impressions.

Name of Responsibility Black Ops four Blackout Duo Gameplay – Our First Win:

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  1. This may be a really great map for battle royale, but it’s probably going to be the only map available for this game mode. I can see even the most enthusiastic of players becoming bored with this map after awhile. Instead of competing with PUBG, Treyarch should really think about adding more than just one mode of play to the Blackout map, like “capture the flag w/motor vehicles included” as a perfect example. Anyone else agree with me?

  2. Bo4 Blackout already beat Fortnite. Im sure it will go toe to toe with PUBG. If PUBG would polish the game fix the bugs and bring it to 60 fps there wouldnt be no problem. Fortnite is for little kids my 5 year old nephew plays and hes won Fortnite a couple times. Blackout looks really fun, fast paced, cant wait till friday when it comes to xbox one beta.

  3. I already preordered the game. But I wish they made this like a conquest mode because the map is so frigging huge. I could easily play this than Battlefield 5 if they add that option

  4. I already have problems with PUBG and this has the same issues. You don't know which weapons are better than others. You have to search the internet or trial and error them .. which is such a bad design. You really should have rarities with these weapons so you can easily spot the difference like in Fortnite. Also you die way to fast. The amount of time you need for turning around is less than the time someone needs to kill you so yeah not to my liking.

  5. In my opinion
    I keep watching game play of black out and everytime I see somebody Aim down sights I kept thinking that Rainbow Six Siege would make a fantastic Battle royale

  6. I think this will make Pubg forgotten but Fortnite has a high possibility of staying on top, I mean the amount of times we've gave high expectations for cod determines if this game lives up to them


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