[Chrono.gg] Star Story: The Horizon Escape + OST Bundle ($3 / 85% off)

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  1. [Star Story: The Horizon Escape](https://store.steampowered.com/app/610310/Star_Story_The_Horizon_Escape/) on Steam:

    * **[demo available](https://store.steampowered.com/app/610310/Star_Story_The_Horizon_Escape/)**
    * *Very Positive* 90% rating with 113 reviews (all purchase types & languages)
    * adventure RPG with sci-fi space theme and colorful 2D graphics, single-player
    * drops 5 of 10 cards
    * 40 achievements
    * released on Sep 5, 2017
    * Windows/Mac

    *Star Story: The Horizon Escape* is an adventure RPG with a sci-fi space theme and colorful 2D graphics. Features text and turn-based gameplay, non-linear plot development, 24 alternative endings across 4 characters, turn-based combat, puzzles, weapon and resource crafting, technology research, and an average Steam playtime of ~4.5 hours. Deal includes OST.

    Steam reviews suggest this game has fun and unique gameplay the plays like a *choose your own adventure*; typical play throughs lasting 1-2 hours, but vary; a fast progression rate, but always allows the player unlimited time to make decisions; great graphics and sound; only a handful of enemies; a fun story that most enjoy; and decisions that feel like they matter.

    Deal is a historical low. Base game was bundled in the $4.99 tier of the *Hump Day Bundle #59* by *Indie Gala* in August 2018 and the *Must Play Bundle 3* by *Fanatical* in May 2018. Strongly worth considering for fans of adventure games and branching narratives.

  2. based on the demo it’s pretty cool and if I hadn’t picked it up from a bundle earlier I would’ve bought it now. haven’t played the full version yet but it’s on my soon(tm) list.


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