What’s up everybody, Depend Dooku has lastly arrived and this video is simply exhibiting off some gameplay for him 🙂

Subsequent up is Anakin Skywalker, Coruscant Guards, the 501st legion, and the brand new Conquest styled recreation mode!


  1. This game needs to allow force users to control the force similar to Revenge of the Sith. These cards and use of a single button to perform force attacks just take out from the skill based battles that previous games have. EA needs their licence revoked.

  2. They should honestly do a 1v1 mode with Jedi and Sith, like you can chose to be Jedi or Sith like there's no limit, like vader vs Dooku or obi wan vs Anakin, like a sabre vs mode where they share personal dialog and they go rounds with each other

  3. I was Surprised with his Stun, I was skeptical at first but using it it’s basically a Lightning Push and The sound effect for it is Badass pretty sure it’s the same effect from Attack of the Clones when he Electrocuted Anakin

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