Check out PlayStation four early entry content material together with new Showdown Modes, clothes, emotes and a brutal new melee weapon, all freed from cost and with out rank restriction.

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  1. HEY! Remember when Rockstar was all "Yeah, we know we completely fucked over GTAV's Single Player…and Multiplayer 'cause everything costs like 20 real world dollars. But, we're not gonna do that with Red Dead Online." Yeah. That is what we call a LIE. Because…of COURSE they're gonna do the exact same fucking thing 'cause it makes them a shit ton of money. I mean, you'd think that a multi-billion dollar company could actually afford to NOT care about making so much money and focus on quality single player content, but…RDR2 is kind of shit and it's not gonna get better. No. I know some of you like the slowness of it and that's fine. You can enjoy that. Me, I don't need that level of mind numbing in my life AND Rockstar are gonna fuck it over 'cause there's NEVER gonna be any single player content and the Multiplayer economy is gonna be for the wealthiest of folks. But this is why Modding support is super needed in these games. I mean, if it wasn't for modding, GTAV would have died ages ago 'cause the MP is shit 'cause everything is so expensive.

  2. Still not enough. Also some things are bugged out. (Story missions and character facial hair) also not enough money payout. New heist mission for dishonorable outlaw gives $11 and high honor ones are now good but still doesn’t pay enough since you waste money easily on cleaning guns and ammo and buying health potions and stamina shits for your horse and patched out a recently good glitch that involved fishes but doesn’t patch things that break the game. Nice.

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