Everything seems to point to Crypto will be the new legend of Apex Legends. You know that with each new season a new character comes to the game: Wattson made his debut in the second and for the third, of which we still don't have an exact official date, the chosen one seems to be Crypto.

Respawn is playing the mystery with this subject, of course, and in fact we don't even know if it's going to be called Crypto officially. At least this is how it appears in the files of the game and it would be a shame if they changed the name at this point, the truth, because it is quite cool and it is easy to associate it with a type of character capable of hacking things, as it seems to be.

What I wanted to tell you is that Crypto, or as it ends up calling, is already in Apex Legends. Not as a playable legend yet, but as a character who is making his own on the map. A quick search on YouTube gives us videos like this, where Crypto is caught with his hands in the dough while he flips a computer and then runs out of the room. Look also at the drone that accompanies it (from minute 0:38):

I told you about the drone because in an image filtered at the beginning of the month from a meeting of Gamestop managers both appear, as you can see below:


We await the official information on the arrival of season 3 of Apex Legends and its contents, something that should not take too long considering that the current season ends on September 30.

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