We play Daemon X Machina: Prototype Missions & share with you a take a look at how the sport performs in handheld mode.



  1. The frame rate on mission 4 is just REALLY bad, makes me worried how the game will be on later missions. Other than that and its pretty poor graphic quality, its pretty fun but really makes me wish this wasn't a switch exclusive game. It would feel and look amazing on some decent hardware.

  2. I haven't had the chance to play but i love mechs and games with them so i want this to do well. I just hope people remeber that this is a demo which the developers specifically asked for feedback on rather than to just whinge about it in a youtube comment.

  3. – Unlimited flight time…
    – The effects and the atmosphere seems comical. The mechs that we used too are not too big. I like it.
    – I like how we can salvage weapons from enemies… talk about being convenient…

  4. I cannot wait to get home from work and play this. It was not on the switch store in ireland after the direct.

    Update: afer playing the game. I must say that i absolutely love it. I cant wait to play more when it comes out. I think i played every mission bar the training one 5 times at least. Might play a bit more in the coming days

  5. Anyway if this is in handheld mode then everything is fine. Ofc it wont look good when you see this video on pc but on Switch's screen which is 720p it will look great.

  6. I enjoy the game, but there are a couple things i absolutely hate about it and would ultimately keep me from buying it. Hopefully they can make it way better by the time it releases so i can change my mind

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