Daredevil stars Charlie Cox and Wilson Bethel give IGN the unique breakdown of how they filmed the epic Matt Murdock vs. Bullseye struggle scene in Season 3, episode 6.

Kingpin Responds to IGN Feedback

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  1. One thing about daredevil is too common in all seasons
    All the villains shown daredevil personally tries to read them and make them better where he believes to change them.
    Punisher, Dex and Electra

    I hope next season we find some villain who doesn't need listening. He should be smart enough like fisk and mentally strong about his intentions

  2. One thing I'm always stunned by is how Charlie has the look in his eyes of being blind. He never accidently focuses on anything during a shot…I wonder how difficult that is for him while shooting

  3. I just watched this episode with this fight in it. I had to rewatch that fight. It was that awesome. Regarding fighting styles, Bullseye is a zoner who fights better from a distance as opposed to Daredevil whose strength is in fighting in close quarters.

  4. wat an epic fight sequence to see dex’s marksmanship skill come to life. he was lethal as hell and a great counterpoint to daredevils skill set. bring on bullseyes suite dude!


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