Fortnite dwell stream gameplay new Darkish Bomber pores and skin!
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  1. As much as I love TG and his channel, I must admit (my opinion), there is too much fortnite, I am just tired of it, I get that other people may like it and its consistency but some trends perhaps like fortnite just should not last this long. TG's content is awesome but there is much, so much more potential than fortnite. Please if you feel the same then like this comment and just maybe it will be seen. At least I hope, and that's enough. I not asking for him to stop fortnite because that would just not be right but at least reduce it and start uploading other great content because I know he can , we know he can, PLEASE. Like&Reply and get this seen.

  2. Tg you said right she was chilling and not farming matts and when you get at the hill and you were pushing with the grapeler she said i dont have matts and you dropped half of the brike😂🤣🤣Big advice for her farm matts


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