PAX East 2019 is the first time we’ve been able to hunt down Boreus, a new Behemoth headed to Dauntless. The free-to-play PC game features numerous weapon loadouts for taking down the big beasts, so we headed into battle with a hammer, pike, chain blades, and even a set of firearms.


  1. The combat looks really slow paced. I’m tired of these instances co-op monster hunters. It should be open world and it would be even cooler if you could play as a monster like in evolve but you gain levels and choose different paths as you evolve and grow and it stays with you so you aren’t resetting each time you log in.

  2. Although monster hunter is obviously the better game I am always a sucker for games that have cartonish graphics such as Borderlands, Duantless is one of those games that is bland but in the good way because bland means simple, combined simple with colorful environment of this game and the cartonish graphics that make it seem fun for poeple of any age, this game is very solid for now but it depends where the Company plans to take this, this can easily become one of the best RPGs out there, I will definitely be playing this game when it's released.

  3. I find that this game is much easier to take in hand than Monster Hunter, much more dynamism, the graphics are really juice

    Try before judging, you will not be disappointed

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