Warmth Gameplay Let’s Play | Survive the wilderness, construct a house, increase a household, and increase your territory. Achieve energy as President, ship justice as Sheriff, battle on your tribe as Chief, or present some southern hospitality as Governor. Start your new life in 19th century America.

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  1. Sadly there's no mailbox in this game. Heads up. donkeys will attack you and so will dear. hahaha, Watch out for the silent cougars in the mountains, they tend to travel in two's. You need to keep hitting the animals fully so you can collect it's hide in the end. Cow hide, cougar hide, bear hide, worth big bucks plus they are used to make items later on. Oh go pick berries it'll bring hunger and thirst up.

  2. In the bottom right corner, the foot part goes red and then blue sometimes, what does that mean? Just curious. This looks good. I just might have to get this and join y'all.

  3. Harvest an animal fully, no matter how much "damage" you see it taking, you need their skins for research. And you only get the skin after fully harvesting it.

    Also, doors are built in your inventory for the basic ones, and a workbench for more advanced ones.

    Stations are upgradeable giving more slots to do things with when crafting, most have 3, some more, some less.

    To smelt ingots, you need to get a Kiln, and upgrade it to level 3.

    Stockpiles are a needed thing as you need to store alot of "Heavy Goods" which can't be stored normally, unless inside your stash, which takes up alot of space.

  4. I can remember back “in the day” when you were just getting your channel going. This list of us on your patron were about 10 ppl. So the credits at the end of every episode were short. What amazes me and the reason for this post is just to tell you how much I appreciate all the hours of entertainment you provide. You have really grown in your commentary, your community and your such an awesome guy everyone can’t help but to love you. I’m thankful I am apart of such a great community you have built and to have been here long enough to watch it grow to what you have today is just insane! Your always thanking everyone so I wanted to take the time to thank you! Your the best GameEdged!

  5. so is the developer of this game going to abandon this game like every other single one they started. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. THIS COMPANY TAKES YOUR MONEY AND RUNS.

  6. Yayyy GE is President!!!!! Whoop Whoop!! LOL. Nice looking build you got going on there GE. Game looks pretty amazing. Awesome video, as always! Can't wait to see more. 🙂

  7. This game looks really awesome. So many options! Maybe ohno can be your VP and y’all can build together. Also you need a loom to make a tent ⛺️. Don’t you feel like you cheated yourself a bit by running straight for the president spot a taking all the guns and bear that your not prepared to feed properly. He’s been eating but his food still going down fast. He needs meat and fruit.

  8. In your tech tree I noticed a door. Is it a tech you have to learn to make, and then build in your crafting menu with your bow? Just a thought. Have a Great one, and remember 1812!!! 😉

  9. Is it wrong of me to request more Forager, and maybe also that new, horror/survival game people are playing where you have to manage a camp in people (kind of like mist) and purify the Eldritch enemies? This game seems neat, but not that drastically different than Outwest and if the studio is questionable, i don't expect the regular updates that you get with Outwest and Subsistence.

  10. what a strange game… sooooo your president and you have to go gather the resources yourself hahaha and ride a bear 😉 Game Edge you make any game entertaining 😉

  11. What do you think about Code}{atch being scammers? I read a lot of bad reviews on Steam about that…
    Game looks nice and fun but I'm not sure I should support this game studio…

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