On several occasions the content of Dead by daylight He has welcomed very popular killers who have joined the game through updates. Given the popularity of Stranger Things, Behavior Interactive has announced that it is now available a collaboration with the acclaimed Netflix series.

Thanks to this new chapter, players can now access The Underground Complex, a new map which is located under the Hawkins National laboratory. A sinister place where paranormal experiments have been carried out and have caused the appearance of creatures from another world, such as the Demogorgon.

This powerful monster will be in charge of killing the rest of the players. It will be characterized by having a head similar to that of a plant, sharp claws and legs that will allow it to propel quickly. It has a special ability with which it will be able to create portals and thus travel fast from one place to another on stage.

At the same time, has three perks: Surge, to weaken the generators; Cruel Limits, to block windows temporarily if a generator is repaired; and Mindbreaker, to reduce the resistance of the players.

Dead By Daylight - Stranger Things Demogorgon

On the side of survivors you can choose Nancy Wheeler Y Steve Harrington. Each of them will also have three exclusive perks that will allow them to survive more easily the devastating attacks of this fearsome bug that will sow panic through narrow and labyrinthine corridors.

All these news you have more detailed below in the following video. However, if you want to try it on your own, you can get this chapter of Stranger Things for 11.99 euros in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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