This weekend Microsoft will celebrate its Free Play Days, with which all those who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold They can download and play a series of games for free. For this occasion, a Dead by daylight, Just Cause 4 Y TerraTech.

The first one is a 1vs4 multiplayer in which the soloist controls a murderer that must end the life of four survivors, whose objective is to escape from a stage by lighting some generators. Among the different murderers there are some very recognized and until this week new content based on Stranger Things.

The last adventure of Rico Rodriguez It is another title that you can play these days to face the army of the Black Hand that has invaded the island of Solis. With his air suit and a wide arsenal of weapons, our protagonist must complete a series of missions in which the action and explosions will be the order of the day.

Just Cause 4

Finally, with TerraTech we can create our own vehicles to participate in some battles on several alien planets. All the constructions will be formed by blocks with which we will make our way to obtain more pieces and thus build a more powerful fleet.

All the progress you make will keep them in case you choose to acquire any of these games. As an incentive for this, do not overlook the fact that will be on offer temporarily:

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