Thanks to Tokyo Game Show 2019 we have had the opportunity to see in depth the gameplay of Death stranding with a extensive 50 minute gameplay. Although the duration was already quite high, Hideo Kojima has prepared a new video to show it at the popular Japanese fair, which has left us with a 30 minute gameplay.

In case you want to see it, this time you will find all the possibilities it offers a room where Sam Bridges can relax. There, while he remains seated, we can move the camera in different directions so that the Norman Reedus character treats us as if we were another person.

This will be noticed in which you will not lose sight of us at any time and, depending on where we point you will be perform some gestures or others. In fact, if we aim directly at his private parts, he will stand up and punch the screen very hard. Of course it is clear that he will not go around with nonsense.

Another of the functions will be found in the mirror, from which we can take pictures while Sam puts on very funny faces to send them online and that the other users rate them. On the other hand, from here you can distribute the space inside the backpack, choose its color or that of the glasses or we can also choose how the walls of the room will look.

Regardless of the desire you have to make or not with the game after all this, its launch will occur on November 8th exclusively for PS4.

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