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  1. hopefully comes out for PC and someone reskins it so i dont have to see nordman reedus. how about be more creative and make a new character and not rip off a movie star just like you did with snake you cuck

  2. This game is such a different pull from all the originals..Beings that look like Psycho Mantis but with a whole new brand of Mind fuck and Scare tactic,what makes it even more scary is that the stealth mechanic fits in with this.

  3. Just another dumb japanese made for western targeted bullshit game where nothing making sense whatsoever. Congrats Kojima you did it again. More than half of this trailer is some dude walking through a decent looking world when at the end all of a sudden everything turns into a load of crap. Ill leave this one for the Kojima nuthuggers.

  4. Man! Kojima is on fire! Whatever is coming our way there…it's gonna be one hell of a ride, at least story wise. Concerning the gameplay I have high hopes, but it remains to be seen. What a great time to own a PS4

  5. So…it’s a walking simulator? I mean I’m sure there’s more to it…but come on Kojima. This is a new IP and you might at least want to get the hype train started just a bit if you want to make any money on this.

  6. Everything they touch speed up the time? What if that baby is your own clone, your "extra life". So when they touch you and you "die" you come back as the baby, which is yourself but a grown-up clone. That would be awesome! Can't wait to play this game, I think we have so much more to see about this game!

  7. So what I'm gathering from the "gameplay" is that you're a glorified delivery man transporting various boxes? If Sony's got banter, they'll release a Fed Ex skin pack as a pre-order bonus. xD


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