Ghostface Mori and Capability

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  2. I’m sure you’ve notice by now but they fixed ghostface. Nownthe survivors have to use their in game head to look at ghost face. So now, even if your camera is on him, if your survivors head isn’t, his night shroud will stay active

  3. Honestly, Ghostface should have been a lot more like legion. It would be very similar to how he acts in the movies. There's so many moments in the Scream movies where he jumps/falls over something while chasing someone, it would make sense for him to run faster and vault pallets. Keep the stalk ability but make it keep your progress on survivors when you're taken out of it, so if you're caught you can hide again and keep stalking from another angle. Give him a short frenzy style speed boost when he's caught so it's not as punishing to be seen. Then just reduce the "seen" angle from 180 to something in the range of 90-60 so survivors can't just whip their camera around to see you right away.

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