Neither the initial performance problems nor the criticism of the decision to launch a temporary exclusive in the Epic Games Store they seem to be making a dent in the launch of Borderlands 3 and, according to the Gearbox team, the game is breaking records on PC.

This was announced by the magician Randy Pitchford, ensuring that the peak of users of Borderlands 3 at the time of its launch, it doubled with more concurrent players in the history of Borderlands 2. A promotion that did not stop there and, during the following days, confirmed the game as one of the titles with the best numbers in the history of Gearbox.

The good health of the title seems to collide with the wave of criticism received after the announcement of the temporary exclusive for the Epic Games Store, even causing Steam you had to rethink the use of your store's ratings after an attack on the score of Borderlands 2.

To that gale of negative votes was added the explosion in forums such as Reddit of a good number of users claiming to have problems with the performance of the game at the level of pulls, loading times or even automatic language choice.

However, neither one thing nor the other seems to be holding back what was already aiming to be one of the biggest releases of the year. A game much awaited by the community and that, despite the fear after the hit of Battleborn, seems to be giving us the best face of Gearbox.

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