Put together to struggle Future’s latest enemy faction the Scorn in Gambit.

Future 2: Forsaken First 15 Minutes:

Future 2: Forsaken Marketing campaign Scorn Enemy Gameplay:

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  1. For those that did play the gambit trial, does this seem like a mode that will be dominated by tactics/communication or will having meta builds and the best pve gear give you a huge advantage?

    Just wondering, because I'm not really a person to farm loot. I just think the mode looks like fun and would prob play that after completing the story arc. I had to work all day and didn't get to try it; so any opinions would be welcome!

  2. A new Gambit map Legion's Folly against a new enemy faction the Scorn! I committed to the bow as the character menu screen was off limits for capture at the preview event. I forgot to use Tempest Strike so remember it's in your arsenal by using melee while sliding close to enemies. Arcstrider Whirling Guard battle that deflects rockets at 17:18! What's going to be your favorite character and subclass with the upcoming Forsaken expansion? Let me know. I await your critical feedback of my gameplay. I see the flaws. Be gentle. Hunter for life! – CJ


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