The development team at Bungie discusses Shadowkeep’s impending launch and beyond. In an evolving world, enjoy it for free with New Light and across any platform with Cross Save. Customize your Guardian in new ways with Armor 2.0, Seasonal Artifacts, and all new weapons.


  1. I am scared to trust this franchise again. I’ve been honestly hoping for the game to be good since day one and 4 years was just too much for me to actually want to play it again.

    Then again, things are different now. Activision is no longer in the equation so I’m a bit hopeful as well. I hope this is legitimately a new game from what it was before the split. The stuff in this video doc shows promise but I need to see if it actually delivers its promise.

    This is the last chance for Bungie to redeem themselves. I’ve been a loyal fan since the Halo days and I want to see that spark again with this new expansion. Otherwise, this expansion just the final nail in the coffin.

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